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Turn books into art

The Folded Book Company
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The art of book folding combines the love of books with the love of paper crafting. The 3 dimensional sculpture that is created depends on the pattern that is chosen and the type of fold that is used.

Take a Book Folding Class Fold your own book Meet the Designer

Join our book folding class on Skillshare to learn how to create your first folded book project.

In just a few hours you will have a book of folded art that will amaze both yourself and your friends.  

Books, paper and a desire to craft

Read about how the designer got carried away and started folding everything that was readable...

Books are ubiquitous.  Whilst some have a love for old or antique out-of-print books others relish in the feel and look of a polished new copy.  Book folding provides the chance to use books, both old and new, in an original art form without cutting or gluing the original book so that ultimately it can also be enjoyed by the reader.

Lovingly prepared these books make the perfect gift – especially for those people who already love books. Indeed when folding books intended for gifts the art can be expanded by not only choosing the book suitable for the receiver of the book but also to fold the book in a design that is complementary to the topic of the book.

They look beautiful resting on a bookcase, dresser, mantel piece or coffee table. A perfect gift for someone you love, or treat yourself!

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